Refurbished my DeLorean ashtray

My ashtray was all rusty, probably due to what have been lying in it, coins, nuts, bolts and what not. I popped it out and tried to make it shine again. I sanded the inside of the actual tray with coats and fine sandpaper, I was thinking of sand blasting it, but didn’t have access to a blaster at the time. Then i cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and primed it with two layers. Finally i added two coats of spray paint. I think it actually looked better with bare metal, but mine was black to begin with, so I went with that. In reverse i should perhaps have chosen a less glossy paint, but it was what I had at hand, might redo it again at a later stage.

There is supposed to be a smal metal part attached to the little “lip” in the front like the one you can see below, I suppose it was used to scratch the glow of the cigarette, but mine is missing.

Note, if you need to replace your ashtray, apparently it is more or less the same as in a Porsche 924, although that one does not have the grooves in the lid. Also, DMC has made a replacement part for just over $50. Image from DMC. 

The lid of my model consists of 3 parts; the outer frame, one static lid in the back, and one sliding part in the front. You pop the lid lose by pressing tiny clamps with a small screwdriver, but be careful, mine were very brittle. Several tiny pieces of plastic snapped of, but luckily they did not much affect the overall functionality of the sliding lid. Also, one smal piece of the frame fell off, i suspect it was cracked already, so I had to superglue it back once everything was assembled.

I cleaned the plastic with household spray and rubbed them down with 303 aerospace protectant. It made them way more shiny, but a bit striped and uneven in the finish, so I actually ended up finishing them off with one of them shoeshine sponges with liquid shoe polish made for quick use on your shoes.

1. rusty2. primed3. painted4. lids5. glued6. finished

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