Alternative screw fasteners for DeLorean door strap guard; curtain hooks.

The  later models of the car has a dedicated slot for the door pull strap, as opposed to have them looped through the door handle like the earlier models. Surrounding the slot there is a plastic guard which is held in place by two small screws. On the backside of the door panels these screws mount into two tiny metal clips, that are often lost. They also have a tendency to fall off if you unmount the guard and then you have to remove the door panel(s) to get them out. Out of my 4, one was missing, and I found a very good alternative to use; a nylon curtain hook! This was something I had just lying around, but it does the job nicely. It is dirt cheap and readily available and actually does a better job in holding the guard attached to the panel.

This is what the mounted guard and door pull strap looks like.
On the backside of the door panel, the two screws are held in place by the two tiny metal clips, that are not attached to the door panel. So if you loosen the screws they will fall off inside the door.
A simple nylon curtain hook can be used as a replacement.
Here the screws are held by two of the curtain nylon hooks
A close up of the curtain hooks in place


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